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Pool umbrellas are usually placed close to the edge of the swimming pool. Underneath them would either be the plastic table and chairs or the easy chairs on which people can relax. Sometimes it is a combination of both.

Pool umbrellas are required, as every swimming pool contains a large amount of chlorine to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of the water. When a person comes out of the pool and sits where he or she is exposed to direct sun rays, they could experience sunburn or the skin would go black. There would be no tanning, but pigmentation. To avoid this people emerging from the pool can seat themselves under these umbrellas.

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Apart from being a protective shelter for swimmers, most people are accompanied by non-swimmers. So they can enjoy a snack or a glass of juice by the pool, without worrying about the heat or sun rays.

Swimming pool umbrellas are generally in vibrant colors or stripes. They would contain the logo of the resort, hotel or clubhouse. There are certain companies who also sponsor these umbrellas. For instance, a soft drink brand that is promoted by a clubhouse would place their promotional umbrellas by the pool side.

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